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Established in 2013, in Dawlish, Devon, we're a Managed Service Provider (MSP), specialising in IT Network infrastructure, management, support, application, and security, through proactive administration, management and extensive technical support.

Established for over a decade, we’ve been proactively supporting countless companies over the years with their IT requirements, in an array of industries, in both the local region and throughout the country. We pride ourselves on establishing great relationships with our clients, building trust and rapport, which is why we are still working alongside these same clients 10 years on.

We offer an array of IT services that can be cherry picked without long term commitment, but our niche is our Fully Managed services and our IT support services. Most companies we work alongside, due to complexity and ambiguity of IT, adopt our more comprehensive services. A fully managed arrangement, means we carry the burden of sustaining their IT affairs so their can focus on running their business efficiently and securely.

We’re experienced professionals, that operate proactively and effectively, to ensure the best possible service delivery, regardless of how unique or difficult the situation may be. Our MO and Philosophy is to procure and implement the best possible IT solutions, bring all that IT has to offer to you, in order to enable and maximise productivity within your business.

What sets us apart is our ability to reach far despite our size, we pride ourselves on offering a broad service base both with what we work with and how far we can use it. We have comprehensive services and work with clients all over England, as locality is no longer a limitation. Being an MSP, we are offered financial incentives to push the numbers, but we choose to diversify and offer more options, whilst still guarantee competitive prices, so you can take full advantage of what the industry has to offer. We are often cutting margins or even subsiding to secure pricing, pricing you would normally see if we were to solely commit with one provider.


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